Category: Faith Promoting Stories

567-568: Dan Wotherspoon: Reflections on 15 Years of Helping People Try to Find Rich Spirituality Within Mormonism


Dan Wotherspoon has spent 15 years trying to help struggling LDS Church members find rich spirituality within Mormonism after a crisis of faith.  Dan has a Ph.D. in religious studies from Claremont University, is the former editor of Sunstone Magazine, and is the…

376: Margaret Young – Race and Gender Dynamics in Modern Mormonism


A Thoughtful Faith’s Kylan Rice presents an interview with LDS author, filmmaker, and playwright Margaret Young. In this interview Margaret shares her story of how she became enthralled with Mormon Race Dynamics, and how she has spent her life as…

346-347: Boston 2012 Conference with Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, John Dehlin, Joanna Brooks and Open-Mic Story Sharing


Speakers at the 2012 Boston Regional Mormon Stories conference were asked to address the topic of: Using personal narratives to create spaces where Mormons of all levels of orthodoxy can interact authentically. Part 1: Dr. Laurel Thatcher Ulrich discusses the importance…

327: Having the Difficult Conversations about Mormonism with Family, Friends and Community Members


This episode was recorded as part of the January 2012 Mormon Stories regional conference held in Houston, Texas dedicated to the topic of “Maintaining Positive Relationships Through Empathy and Dialogue.” In part 1 John Dehlin talks about the costs and benefits of having difficult conversations about Mormonism with family and friends. In part 2, Dan Wotherspoon delivers a presentation called: “Make Love AND War!: Maintaining Positive Relationships During Faith Transitions—A Spiritual Framing.”