Bonus: The Story of D. Michael Quinn — In His Own Words

No I was not able to get an interview with D. Michael Quinn — but my buddy Clay turned me on to this 1994 Sunstone “Pillars of My Faith” presentation by Michael Quinn — and it does a wonderful job telling Michael Quinn’s story, in his own words.

Love him, hate him, or indifferent — D. Michael Quinn will go down as one of the most important Mormons of the 20th century.

This is his story, in his own words.

110: Lessons on the Costs and Benefits of Big Church Changes: From the RLDS Church to the LDS Church, With Love

This is a presentation given at the 2000 Salt Lake Sunstone Symposium entitled: “The Decade of the Sixties: The Early Struggles in the RLDS Shift from Sect to Denomination”. It is a discussion of how, during the 1960s the RLDS Church made very decisive steps toward shedding its sectarian past. It began the decade clearly rooted in the sectarian world view. But by the end of the decade, many of the church’s leaders and a reasonable number of its members had adopted liberal views, down-playing traditional unique Latter Day Saint doctrines.

Today, the RLDS Church (or Community of Christ as they are now known) has lost not experienced the same growth as the LDS Church — particularly since the 1970s. What lessons can the LDS Church learn from the Community of Christ? What did they do right, and wrong?

109: How to Stay in the LDS Church after Losing Your Faith

In this seminar (recorded live at the 2007 Northwest Sunstone Symposium in Seattle), I discuss techniques for staying in the LDS church after a major trial of faith.

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107: Elbert Peck and Sunstone Magazine Pt. 4 – The September Six and the Decline of Sunstone

In part 4 of this 4 part series, Elbert Eugene Peck (editor of Sunstone Magazine from 1986 to 2001) discusses the 1993 September Six excommunications, the decline of Sunstone, and his thoughts on Sunstone’s future.