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332: Navigating a Mormon Faith Transition

We are excited to launch the pilot a new podcast and set of resources located at MormonTransitions.org.  The purpose of this project is to support LDS church members who are navigating difficult Mormon-related transitions.

In today’s episode, Joanna Brooks and Brian Johnston join John Dehlin to provide an overview of navigating a Mormon faith transition.

073: Spirituality of the Rising LDS Generation Pt. 5 — “Re-evaluation”: An interview with BYU student David Lassetter

In part 5 of our series we interview BYU student David Lassetter. David was raised in a home very well-versed in Mormon Studies (Dialogue and Sunstones abounding), and seems to have benefited tremendously therefrom. In this interview, David discusses some…

Audio and PowerPoint from my “Staying in the Church After a Crisis of Faith” Sunstone Workshop

I have edited down the audio from my recent Sunstone “How to Stay in the Church After a Crisis of Faith” workshop (to remove most of the comments) and have posted it online. It’s not polished or anything, but if…