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650-652: One Ordinary Family’s Extraordinary Mormon Transition2022-03-16T15:32:10-06:00
648: Missionaries Pt. 6: Jacob – Sent Home Early for Cuddling with Zone Leader2022-03-16T15:39:54-06:00
647: Missionaries Pt. 5: Rose Sorenson – Becoming an Atheist as a Missionary2022-03-16T15:41:15-06:00
646: Missionaries Pt. 4: Tre Shortland – Tormented over “Self Abuse”, Disillusioned by Uninspired Mission Leadership2022-03-16T15:42:44-06:00
645: Missionaries Pt. 3: Mike Woodruff – Gay, Abused on Mission, PTSD, Early Return2022-03-16T15:43:36-06:00
644: Mormon Missionary Faith Crises and Early Return Pt. 2: Depression, Faith Crisis, and Suicidality2022-03-16T15:46:29-06:00
643: Mormon Missionary Faith Crises and Early Return Pt. 1 – Josh Tesch and Facebook2022-03-16T15:47:52-06:00
593: “The Book of A Mormon” Book Review, with Scott D. Miller and Mark Hubble (Panel Featuring Hans Mattsson!)2022-03-18T22:17:35-06:00
566: Psychologist Dr. Scott Miller on Missions, Mormon Transitions, and Thriving After Mormonism2022-02-03T13:10:44-07:00
438: Elders – A Mormon Missionary Novel by Ryan McIlvain2022-03-18T21:45:35-06:00
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