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1661-1662: Losing Faith As a Grandchild of an Apostle – Greg Gerritsen2022-09-20T20:54:14-06:00
1660: Why Are Ex-Mormons So Angry? w/ John Larsen2022-09-19T15:41:44-06:00
1656-1658: A Scholarly Defense of Mormonism – Patrick Mason2022-09-13T17:49:03-06:00
1652-1654: Taking Down Warren Jeffs – Elissa Wall2022-09-07T10:10:25-06:00
1650: John Dehlin’s Thoughts on Christianity – Steve Pynakker2022-09-05T06:25:08-06:00
1649: John Dehlin in the Hot Seat – An Interview with Rick Bennett of Gospel Tangents2022-08-31T10:20:06-06:00
1645-1647: Anthropology & Mormonism – Dr. Thomas Murphy2022-08-22T22:59:28-06:00
Survivor Stories
1644: Mormon Church Discouraging Sex Abuse Victims from Reporting – Survivor Stories2022-08-22T20:26:59-06:00
Trinity and the Book of Mormon
1643: The Trinity & the Book of Mormon with John Larsen2022-08-22T19:55:13-06:00
Join John and Gerardo as they interview attorney Tim Kosnoff about the relationship between the Boy Scouts of America abuse epidemic and the Mormon church.
1640: Boy Scout Abuse and the Mormon Church with Attorney Tim Kosnoff2022-08-30T17:57:00-06:00
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