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1656-1658: A Scholarly Defense of Mormonism – Patrick Mason2022-09-13T17:49:03-06:00
1652-1654: Taking Down Warren Jeffs – Elissa Wall2022-09-07T10:10:25-06:00
1645-1647: Anthropology & Mormonism – Dr. Thomas Murphy2022-08-22T22:59:28-06:00
1623: The Global Flood and Mormon Scripture w/ LDS Discussions – 122022-08-02T15:14:14-06:00
1606: Mormon Cosmology – Science vs. Mormonism – w/ Dr. Simon Southerton2022-07-07T14:23:40-06:00
1594: DNA and the Book of Mormon w/ LDS Discussions – 052022-08-04T00:09:35-06:00
1588: Noah’s Flood w/ Dr. Simon Southerton2022-05-09T16:36:25-06:00
1566: Improving Mental Health After Mormonism – Jake Bellenfant’s THRIVE Story2022-03-24T12:59:30-06:00
1556: Adam, Eve, and pre-Adamites – Mormon Doctrine vs. Science w/ Dr. Simon Southerton #022022-07-23T04:26:46-06:00
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