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767-768: Navigating Progressive Mormonism with Carol Lynn Pearson, Jana Riess, and Jana Johnson Spangler2022-03-15T09:00:33-06:00
709-710: MormonLeaks Founders Ryan McKnight and Scott K. Fausett2022-03-16T00:03:45-06:00
678-679: Lance Allred – First Deaf Player in the NBA2022-03-16T00:51:39-06:00
675-677: Vance Allred – Son of Assassinated AUB Polygamist Prophet Rulon Allred2022-03-16T15:08:12-06:00
557: Dr. Dave Christian on Epistemology and Orson Wright, the Polygamous Mission President2022-03-21T16:48:47-06:00
548-550: Kristy Money and the High Price of Mormon Activism2022-03-21T16:47:04-06:00
530: Kirk and Lindsay Van Allen – Facing Church Discipline for Rejecting Polygamy (D&C 132)2022-03-21T16:41:50-06:00
512: Discussing the New Polygamy Essays Part 2 – With Lindsay Hansen Park, J. Nelson-Seawright, and Joe Geisner2022-03-21T16:33:07-06:00
503: Discussing the New Polygamy Essays Part 1 — With Lindsay Hansen Park, John Hamer and J. Nelson-Seawright2022-03-21T16:30:53-06:00
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