Tag: Faith Promoting Stories

567-568: Dan Wotherspoon: Reflections on 15 Years of Helping People Try to Find Rich Spirituality Within Mormonism


Dan Wotherspoon has spent 15 years trying to help struggling LDS Church members find rich spirituality within Mormonism after a crisis of faith.  Dan has a Ph.D. in religious studies from Claremont University, is the former editor of Sunstone Magazine, and is the…

532-534: Micah Nickolaisen — From “A Thoughtful Faith” to “Any Opposed” – On Mormon Activism and Secular Communities


Micah Nickolaisen has been an important participant in the Mormon Internet for the past three years. His activism began in 2012 as co-founder of both the “A Thoughtful Faith” and the “Exploring Sainthood” podcasts/communities – both of which sought to…

475: Sandra Tanner Pt 4: “Anti-Mormonism,” Her Christian Beliefs, the Future of the LDS Church, Jerald’s Passing, and Final Testimony


In part 4 of a 4 part series, Sandra Tanner discusses her views on being called an “anti-Mormon,” her Christian beliefs, her views on the recent candor/openness and future of the LDS church, the passing of her husband (Jerald — Alzheimer’s),…